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The Betrayal (RDB) The Betrayal (RDB)

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You used only your vocals for all that? Wow that's pretty awesome. A better quality mic and such probably would have helped but it all seems to fit together nicely anyways and sound good. Great job man

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RobinDB responds:

Yup, haha. And ya I know, my mic is... not good. I was hoping it would be better, but it's really meant more for video cameras i guess. :S And ya, I was glad I was able to get everything to work the way I wanted, despite the poor quality. Thanks for the review! :D

-Korp- Nexus [WIP] -Korp- Nexus [WIP]

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Beginning of a journey?

I don't know if you were going for this but it sounded like the beginning of a movie or video game when a big adventure is about to start. The EQ sounds very well done, you can hear everything when you're supposed to and there's a good use of dynamics. The only thing I can really criticize was that the melody didn't really change much, but even that's not a bad thing. Very nicely done.

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Bitter Sweet Life Bitter Sweet Life

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Bitter Sweet Review

At first it sounded mainly bitter and sad but when the triumphant trumpets came in. It was good but I don't feel it did much musically if you know what I mean, just kinda stayed in the same key and the feel of the song didn't change much. And I know it's not your fault but the instruments sounded kinda too midi for me.

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anarcheril responds:

Thank you for the feedback :)

"Unnamed" "Unnamed"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can see why

The beginning sounded good like something epic was coming. I was waiting for a big drop with dat bass and at 1:06 I thought it had come but I was somewhat disappointed :( The part at 1:38 definitely took the song in a different direction than what was expected. Overall though it was pretty good, I liked the first minute the best.

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montehawks responds:

Thank you Dave, I think I agree with you that the song sounded epic at the beginning, then I somehow managed to mess it up soon after. Progress is being made to re-make it. :)

T3CHN0 DR34M - Mellowj (remix) T3CHN0 DR34M - Mellowj (remix)

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Good but nothing great.

The kick seemed to stick out a lot and the high pitched melody just didn't sound like it fit very well. Best parts imo was around the 2 min mark and when the 8-bit sound came in.

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T3CHN0-DR34M responds:

Thanks for the input, I agree with what you pointed out. I probably should have used the 8-bit sound for the entire melody, but I didn't think about it at the time. As for the kick, I'd rather it stick out than blend in, I am a drummer at heart lol. I could have softened it a little I suppose.

8-Bit Planetary Repulsion 8-Bit Planetary Repulsion

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Nice 8-bit

You got a good 8-bit sound. I liked the first minute the most for some reason, not saying the rest is bad. Got some good melodies and harmonies, well done. Good luck to your sir in the contest.

PainasaurusRex responds:

Thank you my good sir/madam (though dave would be a strange name for a girl, not intended to insult you if this is true) and thank you for wishing me lukc in the competition. Luckily for me I've already had some experience in 8-Bit lol

Astro Saxon Astro Saxon

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Nice Sax :D


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Ding D'D'Dong Ding D'D'Dong

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Space invaders be ding dong ditchin'