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The Betrayal (RDB) The Betrayal (RDB)

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You used only your vocals for all that? Wow that's pretty awesome. A better quality mic and such probably would have helped but it all seems to fit together nicely anyways and sound good. Great job man

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RobinDB responds:

Yup, haha. And ya I know, my mic is... not good. I was hoping it would be better, but it's really meant more for video cameras i guess. :S And ya, I was glad I was able to get everything to work the way I wanted, despite the poor quality. Thanks for the review! :D

-Korp- Nexus [WIP] -Korp- Nexus [WIP]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beginning of a journey?

I don't know if you were going for this but it sounded like the beginning of a movie or video game when a big adventure is about to start. The EQ sounds very well done, you can hear everything when you're supposed to and there's a good use of dynamics. The only thing I can really criticize was that the melody didn't really change much, but even that's not a bad thing. Very nicely done.

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Bitter Sweet Life Bitter Sweet Life

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Bitter Sweet Review

At first it sounded mainly bitter and sad but when the triumphant trumpets came in. It was good but I don't feel it did much musically if you know what I mean, just kinda stayed in the same key and the feel of the song didn't change much. And I know it's not your fault but the instruments sounded kinda too midi for me.

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anarcheril responds:

Thank you for the feedback :)